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Do you need to furnish your home with a perfect and the best home office furniture? Do you want to do it at the best price and quality? At United Works LLC we have been manufacturing office tables, office chairs and all kinds of smart office furniture for 1 year. Surely you are already aware of the amount of money that always remains between the wholesaler and the final consumer. That is why at United Works LLC we have opted for a vertical integration of our service, taking care of supplying the products we make ourselves. Which makes us the best custom office furniture supplier in UAE

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What We Offer

Design and furnish your workspace with the support of our team, with bespoke custom office furniture and at the best price, by contacting custom office furniture manufacturers .
We have managed, with a lot of work and always thinking about our clients, to change the operation of the smart office furniture industry in UAE, making it more comfortable and accessible for small and large companies.

Green Furniture

Looking for a furniture that will keep
the bacteria and harmful virus away?

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Project Customization


We are in the capacity to manufacture all kinds of custom office furniture to measure and to the taste of our client. Our staff has the experience and ability to design, manufacture, and install all kinds of office furniture..

This is the line that is made according to the needs and tastes of the client, customized and personal products that only a factory can offer. With these lines of smart office furniture and personalized desks, we provide the solution for comprehensive office furniture with all the experience of our workshop and the design of personalized developments.
Our line of personalized office furniture is made of different materials such as veneered wood, polished, Faplac melanins, glass.
We have highly trained personnel to choose the best development to equip your office with the office furniture customized by you.


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